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5 Things to See & Do on Montague Island   

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Located on the southern coast of NSW, Montague Island is one of the most popular destinations for nature lovers, thanks to the diverse marine life and bird species that spend time on this small continental island. The second largest island in the region, Montague Island Nature Reserve is the obvious attraction, with many seals and over 80 bird species that you can observe in their natural habitat.

  1. Stay in the Lighthouse – The iconic Montague Island Light can be toured and you can stay overnight in the active lighthouse, while taking a few selfies with the structure in the background. The highest point of the island, the lighthouse was built in 1881 to prevent ships coming to grief on the rocks and it still shines to warn shipping. Search online for Montague Island tours and you will have a list of tour operators and can make a booking for your preferred date.
  2. Visit the Aboriginal Sites – There are some unique Aboriginal sites on the island and when you book a tour, all of the indigenous places of historical importance are included. The history goes back way before Captain Cook first spotted the island in 1771, as the Aboriginals used this island to pay homage and to pray for favourable sea conditions. Booking Montague Island tours is easy if you search online with Googlee.
  3. See the Little Penguins – The smallest species of penguin, there are no land predators on the island, which makes for ideal breeding grounds and with local government help, the population is growing. The population is around 12,000 and the females lays 2 eggs and the majority survive, thanks to the lack of land predators.
  4. Whale Observation – If you are there between May and November, there are always whales off the coast and there are some good viewing points around the island. Whale watching boats leave from Narooma, which is about 5km away on the mainland and you can book online for a close-up experience on one of the special boats.
  5. Swim with Seals – This is a must for the adventurous, when you can swim with inquisitive fur seals, an amazing experience; look for details on the tour operator’s website. They supply the snorkel gear in case you don’t have your own fins and mask.

This is a great place for the nature lover and you can book your tour via the Internet; it should be noted that the only way to visit Montague Island is through an approved tour operator. Whatever the season, you will have a memorable time on this haven-for-wildlife island.

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