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6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Photo Book

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Custom photo books are printed, bound books – similar to a child’s picture book – commonly used to combine texts and, sometimes, photos. With their new and modern sleek design, they have become significantly popular in the photo solutions world. Additionally, you can now create your own photo book, from custom texts and special photo effects to other incredible additional features. This guide explores the top 6 tips to help you design the best photo book layout.

1.     Select a Theme

The main purpose of a photo book theme is to give the book’s storyline. For example, if your photo book theme is about your recent cross-country vacation, you should include photos of your trip along with a theme that tells a story. Mixbook provides you with several styles, themes, and trendy customization options, to assist you in finding the right theme that matches your narrative perfectly.

2.     Tell a Story

To ensure that your album story is easy to follow, you should collect, arrange, and organize your photos in your photo book in chronological order. For example, a photo book of your child can begin with a sonogram or a pregnancy test picture and follow them as they grow.

3.     Incorporate Descriptive Text

One of the best ways to secure valuable memories is to capture them through photos and words. Therefore, photo books are specifically designed to provide you with adequate space for captions or texts to help you fully describe your story. Moreover, they allow you to incorporate dates, anecdotes, quotes, colorful descriptions and even place names to help you retrieve your memories in the future.

4.     Don’t Overcrowd Your Photos

In order to create the perfect photo book layout, you should avoid crowding your photos in a single layout. Instead, give your photos enough breathing room by placing each photo on its own page. Determine the number of photos to place in each spread by considering the size of the picture and the span of your photo book.

5.     Use Different Layouts

When designing your photo book layout, try to vary your photo spreads according to the event represented. For example, for graduations and birthdays, you can place more than one photo on each spread. Your photo book should amaze your viewers, which you can easily achieve by reconfiguring your layout to give your pictures a unique appearance.

6.     Establish a Focal Point

There is always the main theme to a story, which is that a photobook is your focal point. Consider the story you wish to tell and pick a photo that captures it, then place it in a full spread of the book. When you do this, your audience will know where to look and how to feel about the rest of the photo book.

 Making a Photo Book with Mixbook

With the emergence of custom photo books, you can now secure all the cherished memories you have made over the years. You can even surprise your family and friends with these very unique gifts. Mixbook provides you with numerous photo layouts, backgrounds, styles, stickers, and exciting features from which you can create a personalized photo book to mark all of those special occasions. Visit the Mixbook website today to get started on yours.

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