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Cellulite Reduction by Venus Freeze to Improve Your Appearance

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Cellulite refers to the formation of lumps or dimples on the skin. It is also known as orange peel disease due to its texture. Cellulites occur on the skin due to deposition of fat that accumulates under the tissues of the skin to make them appear like an orange peel. They can also be present due to genetic influences. It is generally found in females due to different distributions of fat, muscle and fat tissues. Around 80-90% of women experience cellulite at some stage of their life.

There are many cellulite reduction methods available such as- going to the gym and regular workouts, weight training, surgery and venus freeze.

There are many grades of cellulite:

  • Grade 1 or mild- There is an orange peel appearance with a slightly draped or saggy skin appearance.
  • Grade 2 or moderate- There are between 5 to 9 medium depth depressions, the skin appears moderately draped.
  • Grade 3 or severe- There is mattress appearance with ten or more deep recesses and skin is severely depressed.

réduction cellulite par venus freeze is an excellent method of removing cellulite and getting rid of loose skin. It has been approved by the FDA and has no side effects. Radiofrequency and magnetic pulse are used in this process for stimulation of the new collagen and elastic fibres over a period.

In réduction cellulite par venus freeze, the techniques of multipolar radiofrequency are used to cause a thermal reaction in body tissues. The thermal response makes the skin tight and reduces cellulite and wrinkles. New elastic fibres and collagen are formed in the process. The collagen fibre developed then contract making the skin tight and soft. Significant areas where people can apply it are buttocks, arms, abdomen, face and thighs. People can use the cosmetic effects that are available from these treatments in any part of the body. It is also useful for a woman who has had a child recently and is trying to regain their pre-pregnancy figures.

Many people do not go for cosmetic treatment due to fear of pain. Venus freeze takes care of that as there is no pain in the process. The thermal reaction taking place in the body can heat the skin to the temperatures of 109 degree Celsius without any discomfort. There is no downtime after this procedure. One can do this procedure at your office or home, and you can resume your day to day activities.

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