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How to Gear Up and Prepare Your UTV For Adventurous Camping in The Wilderness? 

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Planning a camping program in the fall is a great idea. However, you will need to wear proper gear to sustain possible injuries on the trail. It is very tempting to jump in the UTV and drive, but some safety precautions need to be kept in mind.

Gearing up tips for off-roading

  • Wear a helmet – Off-road certified helmets are the best choice.
  • Eye protection [shatter-resistant goggles] – Sunglasses are not designed for snow conditions. In a few seconds, your vision can get distorted with dirt, mud, and water that splash. Protective eyewear can help you see clearly.
  • Long sleeves jacket and long pants – It helps to prevent scrapes and cuts from tree branches or thorny bushes.
  • Gloves – You get an extra grip on the steering wheel as well as protection from cold or fingers getting scratched as you pass. Warm riding gloves are always welcome!
  • Closed-toe shoes – Limited skin exposure during off-roading is recommended. Ankle boots with closed-toe protect you from frostbite and even snake-bites as you step in the wilderness.

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Accessorizing your UTV for camping

Adding some accessories to your UTV can be turned into an ideal camping companion.

More storage

For camping, you will need to carry a lot of stuff, so there is a need for sufficient storage. The things you need for camp include sleeping bags, ammo, tents, coolers, guns, kitchen gear, and more. You can choose storage options like rear cargo racks, roof racks, under-seat storage, and toolboxes. Determine what suits your needs, so you can enjoy remote camping spots with ease!

Add some melody

A little music can make your camping experience melodious. A Bluetooth speaker bar can be added to your UTV. It is water-proof, so feel relaxed to play tunes in humid conditions. A UTV allows bringing a whole family of 4 to 6 people, so with some music, the camping can rock and roll!

Light at night

LED light bar added to your UTV can help you ride at night in the woods. It even helps when some extra light is needed at the campsite. Why carry a lantern and spend on propane, when the camp can be lightened pointing UTV lights.

A front window, windshield wipers, and even a gun is a great camping accessory. Transform your UTV into a multi-use tool!

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