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Improving Mental Health Care In The Humanitarian Space

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Disasters leave destruction in their wake but often bring out the best in humanity. As volunteers help those in need following a natural disaster, their well-being is set aside for the health and safety of strangers. In turn, these volunteers experience second-hand trauma and frequently undergo rigorous work conditions while lacking organizational support.

All this and more can have serious effects on the mental health of humanitarians. Silently dealing with these mental and emotional issues can negatively impact the important work that must be done. The problem is, many volunteers are failing to receive the adequate care that they require.

Life for Relief and Development has created a succinct infographic detailing the current state of mental health in the humanitarian aid space, what is being done to improve the lives of volunteers, and what can still improve. To read more on the topic, please see the provided guide.

Guide created by Life for Relief and Development, specialists in humanitarian services

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