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When it comes to money, we all wish we would save some for the things we really enjoy. No one is particularly fond of moving, so people often find themselves looking for solutions for moving cheap in Toronto. While you might have some ideas on how to enjoy a cheap relocation in the big city or beyond, we are here to tell you more. Perhaps we can amaze you with some things you haven’t yet thought of, and this way your move will get even cheaper than you hoped. Or perhaps you can figure out what to do with the moving supplies in order to use them more effectively? Anyway, we hope this article is helpful. Here are our recommendations for cheap movers in Toronto.

Time is money

Before anything, you should consider the fact that time is money. So if you plan on moving cheap in Toronto, forget about DIY moves! Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, we know. But the truth is if you have to take two or three days off from work to complete a move by yourself, that move will cost you serious money. How much money would have you made during those days, if you went to work?… Exactly. And if a friend offers to help for free, you will still have to buy them a few beers and maybe dinner at the end. If you sum up, this plan of yours of moving cheap in Toronto by DIY-ing it might not be that good. Instead, hire professional movers and maybe hire them to help with the packing, as well. Perhaps you know that the majority of movers are also professional packers. What you maybe haven’t thought of is that they can finish packing an entire house way faster than you, because they are trained to do so and they are also highly experienced. And since many moving companies in Toronto, including Let’s Get Moving, charge per hour, you can imagine how cheap it would be to pay for only 3-4 hours – as opposed to taking two days off from work for this.

Supplies are reusable

From moving boxes to bins, many moving supplies are reusable. If they are heavy-duty and you preserve them in proper conditions, you can probably use them again and again. Even if not, at least they can get a second life after being used once. So if you kept moving boxes, bins and other containers since your last move, now is the time for them to shine again. Just make sure humidity and sun didn’t reach them, because they might be damaged. Or in case you haven’t kept any of these since last time, maybe a friend or someone in your family has. Hope they do, because you will save a lot of money if so. A significant part of moving cheap in Toronto consists of optimizing the costs of moving supplies. And in case you cannot find second-hand moving boxes, consider renting bins from your movers! Many moving companies in Toronto have heavy-duty plastic bins that you can rent cheap. They are more sustainable, more resistant, and they are a very healthy alternative to wasting a lot of cardboard – especially if you are not into using it again or using it second hand. Ask your moving company about the possibility of renting these bins from them! This alternative could really save you some good money.

Give up on things you no longer use

Many of us keep things just because we got attached to them. But in reality, how much of what you own you actually use? This is why it might be a good time to give up on some of those things. Consider donating them to a charity or asking the people around you to choose what they need from those items. And if you want to make some money with this decluttering, why not sell some of the stuff? Either put them online, on a dedicated marketplace, or organize a garage sale. It is slightly time-consuming, but it is worth it. The unused stuff around your house could bring you a few hundred dollars that you can later put aside to finance your move with.

How do you feel about this article, did it bring any new ideas? We sure hope so and we hope you get to that dream of moving cheap in Toronto. It’s not impossible, believe us. We have been in this industry for over a decade now and we have seen many people managing to have cheap moves without compromising on the quality of services and supplies they pay for. Surely you can achieve this, too. Just some proper planning and some good ideas are enough to take you far. Take care of yourself, enjoy the move, and contact us if you want professional movers in Toronto at affordable rates!

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