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Overnight Dog Boarding-How Much Does It Cost?

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What are reasonable overnight dog boarding fees? Many dog owners will pay, on average, at least $40 per night for their dogs to stay in a boarding kennel. Basic overnight dog boarding rates range widely and, depending on your dog’s needs, age, and location, the cost will vary. Dog daycare hillsdale nj  rates range from very affordable to quite pricey. Here are some tips to help you find the best overnight dog boarding rates near you:

The national average for boarding fees is around $35 per night. However, this number is dependent on where you live. Many areas charge more than the national average simply because of higher than average property tax rates, higher insurance costs, and larger cities generally have more amenities available.

It’s important to remember that dog owners often travel light. Therefore, many homes do not have a lot of extra furniture or extra rooms to spare. This makes it difficult to find a hotel that will accommodate your pets during your stay. On the flip side, many hotels offer dog boarding at extremely discounted rates. If your home doesn’t have the space needed for your pets, a vacation home or condo may be the solution. Many times, these homes are less expensive than hotels!

Other elements influence the national average for dog boarding costs. One such factor is the average distance between pet owners’ homes. If you live far apart, expect to pay more. Similarly, if you have a large dog, be prepared to pay more. In addition, if you have to travel for work or study, you’ll likely have to pay more than a pet owner who lives closer to a dog boarding center.

One thing many dog owners fail to consider is whether or not they will be able to get their pets treated while in the dog boarding center. Many facilities will charge an additional fee for boarding and vet care. You’ll want to check into this before signing up for the facility.

As with any type of pet travel, it’s important to compare prices and services carefully. Of course, you can always go online and search for dog hotels or dog boarding kennels. However, it’s also helpful to contact a few veterinary offices or pet care centers to get quotes from each business. Ultimately, by comparing a number of different businesses, you’ll end up with the best overall deal, which is very helpful when making travel arrangements for your pets.

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