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Sustainability & Longevity: How Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Has Turned Resourceful Outdoor Decor Into a Career

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We live in a fast-paced and interconnected world. The internet has fundamentally changed the way that we communicate with our peers, and it has also shifted how we approach our consumption habits. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic further exemplified the importance of being able to connect with the goods and services you need from a remote setting.

Keter Group is an Israel-based company that offers transformative home and garden decor products sourced from sustainable resin materials. Offered at unbeatable prices and in a variety of different product styles, the team at Keter Group aims to serve consumers in this new digitally-driven and hyper-competitive shopping world.

Let’s explore Keter Group, the work of CEO Alejandro Pena, and how the team is growing and moving forward.

Design For Outdoor Functionality

Keter Group has long offered its customers access to affordable products with modernized customization options. Seeking to help its customers create outdoor spaces for comfort and connection, CEO Alejandro Pena offers a few nuggets of advice when designing a space.

First and foremost, Pena suggests pinpointing the function and layout of the space. Is this going to be an area for families to gather and share a meal? Is this going to be a space for Happy Hour with drinks and snacks mixed in between?

After clearing the purpose of a space, Alejandro Pena suggests looking for products that embody the purpose of the space while offering protection from the elements. Keter Group utilizes weatherproof materials to ensure that its products are a neat fit for any climate or occasion.

Finally, Alejandro Pena suggests utilizing accent lighting and storage solutions to fill out the space with additional functionality. Potted plants also add a splash of style to any outdoor setting.

Sustainable Practices at the Forefront

Keter Group has long exemplified the importance of living and offering sustainable products and services. Keter Group utilizes sustainable resin-based products that can be finished with a clean and modern style. From rattan to knitted motifs as well as brass, copper, and wood, shoppers will find what they are looking for at Keter.

To make sure that its practices are as sustainable as possible, Keter Group has made a point to minimize the environmental impact of its products while striving to minimize the use of virgin resources while eliminating waste across each stage of the value chain. In order to make this goal a reality, Keter Group aims to increase the recycled content in its products by up to 55% by 2025.

Alejandro Pena joined Keter Group in 2017 having spent more than 25 years developing his skills in consumer product experience and revenue growth.

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