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Transit Oriented Development: Everything That You Need To Know

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What is TOD?

TOD is nothing but transit oriented development. It undertakes the responsibilities of urban development. Now, this type of product is only meant for the public. Every infrastructure project is intended for the people. But this one specifies the public to a greater extent. The TOD ensures the development of commercial and entertainment space and, most importantly, transportation. Transportation not only means mobility with the help of cars. It also means walking with the use of the foot. With the increase in the number of vehicles, pollution has grown and even traffic. The TOD helps to create a design that is usually walkable in terms of transport. This ensures less movement of vehicles in those areas, and people can walk freely, enjoying the environment.

Benefits of transit-oriented development

TOD projects are filled with loads and loads of benefits. Some of the services which this development project provides are mentioned below:

  • As this project focuses on the design, which is mainly for pedestrians, fewer cars will mean less pollution and less chance of accidents.
  • One can move freely in this created design.
  • It will also help to save transportation expenses easily.

To know more about TOD, visit the site and learn more about the factors, features, and benefits.

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