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What Significance Does A Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Policy Have?

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Volkswagen Polo has established its name in India’s highly competitive hatchback segment. Designed by the house of the German automobile manufacturing giant, Volkswagen Group, the Polo has the perfect blend of looks, performance, and utility, making it ideal for the highly demanding Indian car buyer. When you buy a new VW Polo, the company/dealer might offer a one-year free third-party four-wheeler insurance policy. This is necessary since, without an active policy, you will not be allowed to drive it on the roads. However, these policies do not cover damages to your car.

To get complete protection, buy a comprehensive Volkswagen Polo insurance policy. These policies include third-party liability insurance for four-wheelers and coverage for damages to your Polo. Here, we will discuss the significance of Volkswagen Polo car insurance and why you should consider it.

About Volkswagen Polo

This five-seater car by Volkswagen has a powerful 1489 cc engine (diesel) and 999 cc and 1197 cc engine (petrol) and is available in manual and automatic transmission variants. It has been constantly featured in various lists recommending the top hatchback cars in the country. To ensure that your Polo keeps running in perfect condition, make sure that you keep certain things in mind:

  • Do not overload the vehicle.
  • Maintain optimal tyre pressure.
  • Ensure that the consumables are refilled regularly.
  • Service your car regularly.

This can ensure that it runs smoothly and offer better performance and control.

Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance

When you start looking for insurance for Volkswagen Polo, you have two broad choices:

  1. Third-party insurance – This policy offers coverage for third-party liabilities only and does not cover damages to the insured car
  2. Comprehensive insurance – This policy offers coverage for third-party liabilities plus protection against damages to the insured car due to a range of reasons

When you opt for a comprehensive Volkswagen car insurance policy, you can choose add-on covers based on your needs. These covers can help you customise the policy. However, they increase the premium of the policy and hence, need to be chosen carefully. Some of the most common add-on covers are:

Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Price

The premium of a third-party car insurance policy is determined by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) based on the car’s engine capacity. Therefore, insurers have no say in the price of a third-party car insurance policy.

However, the price of a comprehensive policy can vary across insurers. They consider factors like the make and model of the car, its age and geographical location, the add-on covers and deductibles chosen by you, etc., before offering a quote for insurance to the car owner. Hence, when you buy a comprehensive Polo insurance policy, it is important to research the market and compare providers and plans carefully. This will help you find the best and most cost-efficient car insurance plan for your car.

Summing Up

Driving a Volkswagen Polo offers a sense of pride and achievement. It has been designed for people who appreciate the good things in life without burning a hole in their pockets. If you are a proud owner of a Polo, ensure that you get the insurance that offers maximum financial protection to the car. Also, follow the tips mentioned above and choose the perfect four-wheeler insurance policy per your budget and needs. Good Luck!

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