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The Benefits Of Obedience Training For Your Dog

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A dog is probably one of the most popular pets that homes across Australia have at the moment. Many of us grew up with the family dog, and so when we become adults and buy our first home, then it seems logical to want to have a dog living there with us as well. We have only fond memories of the family dog when growing up, and so we want our children to have the same positive experience. However, getting a dog can come with a lot of heartache, if your dog isn’t properly trained. They have been known to cause thousands of dollars in damage when left alone, by chewing through furniture, shoes, and generally just rummaging around in the trash.

Once a dog starts to misbehave, then it definitely requires some dog training in Sydney, and if your pet is one that always seems to be getting into trouble, and causing havoc, then you could probably benefit greatly from getting some obedience training. The following are just a few of those benefits.

  • It strengthens bonds – Having a dog should be a pleasurable experience, and so having your dog well-trained, means that will be more obedient, it will be a lot happier, and it will respond to your commands, which allows you to really learn to love your animal. This will strengthen the bond between both of you, and will lead to a much better relationship.
  • A friendlier dog – As a dog owner, we want our animals to be more social around other people, especially children, and so when we go to the park, we want to have the reassurance that our pet will not get aggressive or bite other people. The dog needs to understand what is acceptable, and what is unacceptable, and it also needs to be able to get on with other pets.
  • Easier pet management – Every dog owner wants to be able to manage their pet effectively, and so being able to use basic commands like sit and stay, are essential, if the relationship is to work. We all want our dogs to be part of our extended family, and so we need to be able to control them and stop them misbehaving with a quick command.

Obedience training should be at the top of the list of the things that you need to do, when you bring a new dog into your home. Getting your dog professionally trained will actually be fun, as their brains will be stimulated and it will be taking part in numerous exercises.

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